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Seeing, tasting and listening are welcome here!
Welcome to sampling and latest brew in Café Iluliaq. We founded our brewery in 2013.

The brewery’s history is short. We took the initial steps in 2012 by inviting master brewer Niels Jørn Thomsen, of Denmark, to come to Ilulissat. The lessons he learned at his own microbrewery “Wintercoat” were excellently suited to our taste, and we decided to brew six beers, ranging from a dark silky Christmas beer and golden-caramel Pale Ale to a pink, light and sparkling pilsner.

Big and local

We present our beer with the slogan “The Full-bodied Taste Below the Surface”..Our beers are among others named Seqineq, Iluliaq, Qaammat, Arsarnerit, Ullorissat, and Qilak – which in English translate as Sun, Iceberg, Moon, Northern Lights, Star and Sky. The taste is authentic Greenland; each beer has its own characteristic flavour smoothed and enhanced by berries and herbs from the mountains and valleys around Ilulissat.

Still in process

For the time being, Immiaq’s beer is still only available in kegs. Enjoy a glass of frothy draught beer at our establishment, a discotheque, a café or elsewhere in Greenland. The brewery will soon be offering its products somewhere near you!




Icecap Tours

Fredericiaq aqq 5

Postbox 1005

3952 Ilulissat

tlf.+299 94 45 45


The brewery is situated in the heart of Ilulissat in the same building as Café Iluliaq, The Souvenir Shop og IceCap Tours.

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